Ontario Towing Service Agreement Awarded To Dietz Towing

Ontario Towing Service Agreements Awarded for 2015

The results are in for the bidding on the Ontario Towing Service Agreement and we’ve secured another 5 year contract with the City of Ontario to provide towing services.  We are very honored that the City recognized our continued service and support.

The process for bidding on the contract was much more formal this time around.  We had to submit a very detail proposal and it took a couple of months for the City to work through the submissions before making their final recommendations to the City Council.

We attended the City Council meeting for the final vote.  All the competitors were there to see the results first hand.  The Council voted unanimously to accept the recommendations.

You can read the press release that went out on July 4th by clicking HERE.

The minutes from the City Council meeting can be found HERE.

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